2019 Hospital System Industry Group Forum: Managing Consequences of Opioid & Prescription Drug Abuse in Hospitals

Opioid and prescription drug abuse is a national epidemic, and those working within hospital systems are not immune. As many Americans have experienced, drugs are far too often freely prescribed. Whether you’re an administrator who fears the increasing percentage of total healthcare expenditures due to prescription drug costs, an employer dealing with employee drug abuse, or a front-line healthcare specialist managing the accessibility and availability of drugs amongst your staff and patients, this session has you covered.

Some employers have made headway in reining in these rampant costs, while improving the lives of employees in the process. When traditional techniques are paired with more progressive tools, employers can see a noticeable impact in cost savings and more responsible use. This session explored the opioid epidemic within today’s workforce, and provided insight into what specifically hospital system employers can do to stay a step ahead.


This webinar qualifies for the following CEUs: 1 CPDM, 1 PHR, and 1 SHRM

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