2019 Hospital System Industry Group Forum: Running on Empty – The Impact Shift Work Has on RTW within Hospital Systems

Absence rates are higher in the healthcare industry than any other industry year after year. Why is this? Employees often must work 12+ hour shifts, work overnight, and have physically demanding jobs. All of this can take a toll on an employee’s sleep quality, negatively impact their overall health and wellness, and ultimately lead to missed time from work.

This webinar explored in detail what is driving the higher costs and overall absence rates in healthcare, including the harmful impact that shift work has on one’s health. But the news isn’t all bad. Through real-life case studies, we discussed how creative accommodations can help employees stay at work and return to work in this high-demand setting to maintain productivity and employee morale.


This webinar qualifies for the following CEUs: 1 CLMS, 1 CPDM, 1 PHR, and 1 SHRM

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