2021 Webinar: COVID-19’s Lasting Effects on Mental Health & Cognitive Abilities

After a year of struggling through the COVID-19 pandemic, most will agree that the unforeseen effects from the virus are still with us. Many people diagnosed with coronavirus have reported various, lasting symptoms long after their initial recovery. Sometimes referred to as long haulers, these individuals continue to experience physical symptoms such as muscle aches and fatigue, as well as ongoing cognitive challenges such as impaired focus and concentration. It’s clear that we still have a lot to learn about the virus’ long-term implications, and how it will impact our workplaces as we move through 2021 and beyond. This webinar will outline the latest surveys and statistics the COVID-19 pandemic has had on mental health and cognitive issues, and explore intervention strategies employers should consider.


This webinar qualifies for the following CEUs: 1 ADMS, 1 CDMS, 1 CLMS, 1 PHR, and 1 SHRM

If you are not a DMEC member and need to record a CLMS CEU for attending this event, please contact Jai Hooker at jhooker@dmec.org for assistance. 

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