2021 Webinar: Results of the 10th Annual Leave Management Survey

As leave management grows in complexity, so do the questions plaguing absence and disability professionals. If you’ve ever wondered about the leave benefits offered by others in your industry, or sought a benchmark for your leave management processes, this is an event you won’t want to miss!

DMEC has partnered with Spring Consulting for the 10th year in a row to conduct our Employer Leave Management Survey. We gathered information from employers around the nuances of leave management practices, and explored everything from what’s being outsourced, to the caseloads of managing internal and external staff, and the technology used. The 2020 survey took a deeper dive into leave plan design for short-term disability (STD), long-term disability (LTD), paid parental, paid family, sick, vacation, and PTO so that employers will be able to benchmark their programs against others of similar size and industry. The questions included details such as funding, waiting periods, elimination periods, benefit amounts, and benefit durations.

Join us for this eye-opening session where we will break down the findings of the 2020 survey, discuss the trajectory of ongoing trends, and examine the emergence of new observations.

This webinar qualifies for the following CEUs: 1 ADMS, 1 CDMS, 1 CLMS, 1 PHR, and 1 SHRM

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